the easiest, most secure app to track vaccine and medication adherence

Vaxly is a multifunctional mobile application that can meet the needs for vaccine and medication adherence, reminders, and monitoring during public health emergencies and for all vaccines and medications.

App Features

  • Easy enrollment to log vaccine administration and receive reminders on follow up doses and medications that otherwise could be missed. 
  • Available as a native iOS and Android applications 
  • Medicine cabinet features to store and track multiple meds and vaccines 
  • Medication and vaccine details 
  • Family tracking
  • Dependent reporting/monitoring to ensure those who are caring for loved ones can do so with ease at a distance with a potential chat integration and instant reminders that can be sent
  • Compliance data to track your trends
  • Easy to use dependent filters, and medication logging for exposed individuals 
  • Custom notes section to keep track of additional relevant info 
  • Daily med reminders for non-threat-based medications and vaccines

Vaxly helps organizations

  • Increase vaccine adherence during a pandemic
  • Increase antiviral and therapeutic adherence 
  • Reduce the organizational administration time and cost to monitor at – risk populations
  • Report on compliance data in real time

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