Text Illness Monitoring

Text Illness Monitoring

mobileMonitoring is the 1st text illness monitoring platform utilized during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Keeping business operating

The platform helps public health departments, healthcare organizations and enterprises with text illness monitoring, vaccine adherence and compliance.

Real time alerts make it  easy to follow up with those who are reporting symptoms and ensure vaccination schedules are adhered to all while reducing internal administrative burden by up to 10x.  

Real time reporting also helps organizations calculate trends in data easily from the platform dashboard and pivot  strategic responses accordingly.



How it works

Leverage the mobileMonitoring platform to empower your team with a fast and easy way to reach users in real time

  • Create organizations and administrative users in minutes, preparing your team to engage and monitor employees and community members in real time during a threat.
  • Reduce the administrative burden on your team with real time alerts only for positive and unresponsive users.
  • Review and report on data  to help develop a response strategy in-line with the current needs of the organization and community.
  • Reach out to those reporting symptoms or that are unresponsive immediately.

Find out how mobileMonitoring can help with your text illness monitoring to improve your organization today!