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As an MMA-certified auditing and compliance firm, we take great pride in our ability to help provide clients with a compliant strategy for utilizing SMS, shortcodes and other mobile technology. We offer a third-party, outsider perspective on all aspects of your mobile campaigns. Whether you’re an agency or an enterprise, we can help ensure you’re 100% compliant.

Risk Assessment

In-depth evaluation of your organization’s shortcode and SMS communication to uncover potential risks within your mobile messaging campaigns.

Third-Party Auditing

Avoid the guesswork and bias. Our team can provide external audits on your company to ensure your following standards and requirements.

Mobile Campaign Consulting

The first step to a successful mobile campaign is knowing all of the rules and regulations. We can help you achieve success while keeping your audience safe and happy.

Carrier Compliance Education

From agencies to enterprise and or small businesses, we know the current carrier regulations and best practices to follow and we will teach them to you.

Regulatory Standards Education

We can also assist you and your team by providing resources and educating you on the CTIA and MMA rules and best practices.

Detailed Recommendations

At the end of our in-depth audit of your company’s SMS messaging campaigns, we’ll provide you with detailed next steps and recommendations to guide your team step-by-step into mobile compliance.

Marketing Material Analysis

It’s more than just the mobile message. As part of our audit, we look at all of your marketing materials and messaging workflows to make sure your following proper regulations.

Opt-in/Opt-out Procedures

As part of regulations, you should be allowing your audience to opt-in and out of your messages. We’ll provide you with tips for making opt-in easy and show you how to engage your audience to avoid opt-outs.

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