The Compliant Monitoring, Tracking, and Notification Platform That Keeps You In Control During Times of Uncertainty and Response

Government-Trusted Emergency Notification Platform

The people you’re responsible for aren’t always within arm’s reach, but they always have access to one device: their phones.


With mobileMonitoring, distribute critical health and safety information via Short Message Service (SMS) two-way text messaging. In return, get the monitoring, tracking, and reporting information you need without sacrificing individual privacy.

Industries Served

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Public Health

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Federal, State & Local Govt.

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Public Works

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Waste Management

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Fire Services

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Police Services

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Other Essential Services

"In a time of crisis, public health agencies need a system that is effective, proven and trusted. Compliant Campaign's industry leading platform has been used to successfully monitor environmental hazardous responses, infectious disease outbreaks across the United States and most recently covid-19 pandemic response globally. Their easy to use systems and custom designed applications are ready for quick deployment. mobileMonitoring is exactly the solution that public health professionals need during this time of crisis ."

Andrew Roszak - JD, MPA, EMT-P - Executive Director - Institute for Childhood Preparedness

Flexible, Straightforward Health Monitoring during Emergencies
and Times of Uncertainty

Countless moving parts can make emergency response operations hectic and disjointed. Staff members are stretched, time is limited, and people are anxious. Compliance and privacy issues are the last things you want to be concerned about.


The mobileMonitoring solution was designed with your responsibilities in mind. HIPAA, PCI-, PII-compliant two-way SMS messaging gives you the flexibility and access you need, even when resources are tight. An intuitive interface and responsive automation make it easy for you to set up notifications and build health monitoring campaigns. Plus, you can seamlessly link mobileMonitoring with other essential systems using seamless API integrations.

The Pandemic Monitoring Response Tool Activated for
6 Federal Agencies, All 50 States, and More Than 300 Counties

Instill Confidence In Leadership with Direct Access to the People Counting On You

Pandemics, bioterrorism events, mass shootings, and inclement weather can shake people’s confidence.
mobileMonitoring helps you maintain control of the situation. 

Send critical updates with reliable technology

mobileMonitoring’s intuitive platform makes it simple to send and receive important messages with impeccable service.

Keep your community informed and connected

Reassure your community by providing trusted information as soon as it’s available.

Track who has been impacted

Receive quick, text-based health status updates from individuals in your community. Automate follow-up and easily view group data with reports.

mobileMonitoring has partnered with federal, state and local
agencies, public health departments, and private enterprises.

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